Casal transformou autocarro escolar numa casa de sonho com rodas. A decoração do interior é brutal


Jovem casal que transformou autocarro escolar clássico numa casa de sonho com rodas.

O autocarro foi transformado numa verdadeira casa de sonho com uma decoração fantástica. O melhor de tudo é que esta casa tem rodas, podem a levar para onde quiserem.

Têm de ver o resultado final, é lindo:

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Gutting phase has begun.

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Taping off floor plan.

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Painting the outside. We chose white mainly for it absorbing the least amount of heat. The painting process was actually one of the most frustrating things we had to deal with. The first coat of paint we used Bus Kote thermal paint which is an elastomeric roof coating, which is UV and weather resistant. That sounds great right? Well…part of it was great. The temperature of the roof literally dropped from 130 degrees in our Florida summer to about 90 degrees. We were impressed. Then time went by and this paint started collecting every bit of dirt and the bus became a streaky mess. Believe it or not, we paint the bus about 5 times until we finally we found a paint we were happy with.

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